What to Expect

Ideal ages for fairy portraits are 4-11. It will depend on your child's mood and ability to focus on the photographer. Session fees are non-refundable, so make sure your child is prepared for the session with plenty of sleep, no sugar and a calm few hours prior to her session. Sessions typically take 30 minutes. Sessions are limited to one hour, in order to prepare for the next appointment. Children under 3 typically don't understand what we are trying to do and they don't enjoy it as much as children over 3. It becomes overwhelming to them and they end up having a melt down and wanting to cling to mommy.

Session Fee:
The session fee is $99. This does not include any products or prints. This is to pay for the photographer's time and talent and the extensive costumes and sets.  

Day of your session:
Punctuality is perfect. When you arrive on time, we can capture your memories in the most relaxed  and fun way. Please do not arrive excessively early. The photographer uses the time in between sessions to set up for your session, return calls and emails and eat lunch.

Your session will begin with your child choosing a special dress. During the session, the photographer will use her expertise to capture natural reactions and expressions. She will direct them through the poses, with no assistance needed from the parents. You can sit back, relax and watch this precious memory unfold. Please try to refrain from telling your child what to do during the session. We need your child to focus solely on the photographer. Everything she says to them is for a very specific reason...although you'll think she's trying to get them to do something else.


Presentation/Ordering Appointment:
After your session, you will come back to the studio approximately 2 weeks later to purchase your portraits. The number of images vary by session, typically between 12-20. After viewing and selecting your favorite images, we will work together to create your order. 
Anything not purchased on this day, will be discarded. Therefore, it is important that all decision makers attend this appointment because this will be the day you purchase your portraits. Please write down all of the family members that you need to get prints for. Every Fairy Portrait will be extensively edited to produce the ethereal images that are the end result. We will help you choose your favorite portraits and show you beautiful fine-art products, wall art, memory boxes and custom personalized fairytale books.

Multiple Sessions and Ordering:
Each portrait session will be treated as an individual session. Portrait sessions cannot be combined in a product package. No refunds are allowed once work has commenced on an order. 

Photo Delivery:
All orders will be available to be picked up at the studio approximately 3 weeks after your ordering appointment.

The Investment:
Storybook Studios specializes in custom wall art and home decor. We are not your typical photography studio. Our goal is to provide you with heirloom treasures, to be passed down through generations. These fairytale portraits of your child will be fine art to treasure for you and your family. Prices are subject to change without notice but current pricing at the time of booking will be honored. We offer A La Carte prints that start at $75 and print collections that start at $349. Most people spend between $750-$1500.


Can I reschedule my appointment?
Portrait sessions may be rescheduled with 24 hour notice. Your session fee may be forfeited, if no advance notice is given.


How can I pay for my order?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash and checks. We also offer no interest payment plans. 


How long do you keep the images?
Purchased images will be kept for 6 months and unpurchased images are purged from our servers after your viewing session. 


Do you offer a CD with all of the portraits?
While we do offer digital images, we believe in creating true art pieces that won't be forgotten in a desk drawer and lost forever. We care about your portraits being around for generations. That being said, we do offer digital files in our digital packages, starting at $1399.  

Printing, copying, downloading or scanning images without consent is in violation of copyright laws.

What is your refund policy?

Sessions fees are credited towards a future session.


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