As preteens (ages 10-15), kids develop their self-esteem during these very important years. This age group is the MOST neglected when it comes to portraits. This can have a tremendous impact on confidence and self-image.

These special sessions are designed to boost their self-esteem and self-worth and provide you with portraits you will cherish.

I'm hearing way too often that girls this age are getting bullied and it breaks my heart. We need to tell them and show them that they are worthy...worthy of self-confidence, worthy of loving who they are, worthy of being here to live their life.

These sessions are so much more than portraits...this will help them find their own worth in this world...they can literally be life savers.

Show them just how worthy they are.

You will receive a highly conceptual fashion photo shoot and a high-fashion dress rental from a fashion house in NYC OR a custom couture one-of-a-kind outfit, made just for you to wear at the photo shoot. This session has professional makeup application and hair styling. This Premier session includes unlimited outfit changes and 2-3 hours of shoot time. You will also receive a wardrobe consultation, access to the Storybook Couture closet and your premier order session after the shoot.

"Sarah just saw the Instagram video (from her Fearless Spirit session) in the car…she was in the back seat and I watched her from the rear view mirror. The smile was SOOOO big! What you have done for her, Casey, I can't begin to tell you. Your work is inspirational. You are a doctor of beauty. You bring out the beauty with your subjects and as a mom who was hurting to show her child that she is beautiful, there isn’t enough words to express what you have done for Sarah and I. She couldn't stop smiling. I can't stop crying to see her smile so big…shoulders back and chin high…such confidence. Thank you!"
~Carolyn Parish

For more information about the Fearless Spirit Experience, contact or call 757-410-7282. Half of the session fee is due at the time of booking and only includes the session. Prints, Products or Digital Collections are purchased separately at your Premier Order Session.

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